Tulip theme park tells its story with Estimote Beacons

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6-4-2013 | Estimote

It’s not only retail, museums and conferences, that started adapting Estimote Beacons. You’ve probably heard that tulips are one of the symbols of the Netherlands. But did you know that those colorful beauties are so popular there, that they even have a theme park dedicated to them? Tulpenland, as it’s called, is also really big on innovation. Recently, they’ve teamed up with Amsterdam-based agency LabWerk to implement our Beacons and deliver a completely unique experience, suitable for this completely unique place.

Mobile solution

Tulpenland aimed to create an engaging mobile solution, enabling them to combine the completely physical joy of walking through the breathtakingly beautiful gardens with a digital journey through the history of one of the Earth’s best-known flowers. The goal was to turn that story into an integral part of the whole experience. Context-based information was exactly the kind of thing Tulpenland was looking for and Estimote Beacons proved to blend nicely into the colorful, natural environment.

LabWerk customized their own iBeacon content management platform for the purpose of creating Tulpenland’s app. As visitors are making their way through the park, the application provides them with a whole set of new experiences. The story of the tulip, starting in Himalayan mountains millions of years ago, and still continuing today in the Netherlands and around the world, is enriched with images, videos and audio content delivered straight to the user. Fun quizzes add an element of competition and a digital map helps make sure that no one will get lost in the vast gardens of Tulpenland.

Through our apps, and with the help of beacon technology, we aim to create a personalized and interactive experience. To do this we used the beacons to trigger contextual content based on a user’s location, pinpoint a user’s position on interactive maps, and offer added engagement through the use of gamification. explained Jeroen de Lange, Creative Director at LabWerk.

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