What is an iBeacon?

iBeacon technology enables mobile devices to become aware of their location. When a device is within the specified range of an iBeacon, a small device which uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE or Bluetooth Smart) technology and runs on a cell battery, an app will trigger a notification – whether it be a discount offer, welcome message, or your current location within a building. iBeacons, through their use of BLE, offer highly accurate location awareness, have low energy consumption (for both the device and the beacon) and can transmit to devices running iOS 7, Android 4.3, or newer.

What can I do with iBeacon technology?


Imagine never having to queue in line to purchase a ticket, not having to hire an audio guide, and knowing exactly what you’re looking at, and your precise location next time you visit a museum. It’s all possible with iBeacon technology.

As your device comes into range of the museum’s beacon it will automatically open the ticket you purchased online earlier as you walk towards the entrance – meaning you can skip the line and walk straight in. As you approach an exhibit your device will recognize where you are, based on your proximity to beacons, and trigger your device to show more content about what you see or show your current location on the museum map.

With the use of iBeacon technology, businesses can gain insights into where their customers went during their visit, trigger hyperlocal content or personalized and interactive advertisements, and provide customers with a navigation solution ensuring they get to where they want to go or find what they’re looking for. 

"The world of smart devices is dazzling, the potential is there but what’s holding us back isn’t technology but our ability to know what to do with it."

− Anthony Wing Kosner, Forbes

"iBeacons could solve indoor mapping, make shopping better, and kill NFC"

− Jeff Blagdon, The Verge

"OS For The Physical World"

− John Biggs, TechCrunch


Why LabWerk?

LabWerk’s all-in-one platform gives you the ability to start benefiting from iBeacon technology fast. Create a complete new experience for your customers by integrating the on- and off-line worlds. Using our platform you can easily create this experience without the need to install software or have programming skills.

No matter the size of your business, from boutique retailer to large museum, or the experience you want to offer, the LabWerk platform will fit your business needs.

How you can benefit from iBeacon technology

  • Business growth.
  • Increased customer loyalty.
  • Deeper understanding of customer behavior.
  • Greater differentiation from your competitors.