The Russian Art world

Posted by | November 20, 2014 | Newsletter | No Comments

First it was Europe, then the UK, and now we’ve got our eyes set on Russia.

After seeing huge potential in the Russian market, we’ve sought the expertise of two local Art History majors. Since September our two Russian representatives, Kristina and Anna, have been busy introducing our mApp product to the market they know best.

Together with Kristina and Anna’s strong connection to the Russian art world, and the strong local demand for new technologies to interest and engage the new generation of art-lovers, we’re seeing some great results. Our Russian team are continually talking with galleries and museums and are constantly coming up with new use cases to make a more exciting and engaging experience or visitors using iBeacons and our mApp platform.

A new era

Kristina said to us: “as we live in a new technology era, we think that the best way to attract more people to museum is to make the museum more modern, to create a new method of communication and to make it a great edutainment place” and we couldn’t agree more – we know we’ve got the right people on the job! Currently we’re in discussion with three big Moscow-based museums about the implementation of our mApp platform and iBeacon solution and looking forward to many big things still to come – so watch this space…