The Rémy Martin app

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21-2-2014 | John Grundy (@_IOHN)

A classic brand like Rémy Martin fits so well in one of the world’s most classic locations, Paris. So it’s only fair that some of the latest design concepts are accompanied by one of the latest innovations in marketing and communication technology, iBeacons.
Recently we partnered with French Cognac brand, Rémy Martin, to release a new app as part of their pop-up exhibition Futur Héritage by Rémy Martin as part of Paris Design Week.

Our app introduced Cognac connoisseurs to the ten concepts on display throughout the pop-up exhibit. Upon approaching each of the beacon-enabled concepts, the app would trigger a notification, bringing specific content to the attention of the visitor. Within in the app, further details on the story behind the concept, the creator and their inspiration could be viewed – all adding to the visitors’ overall experience and appreciation.
But the app didn’t stop there. For the first time, LabWerk also used the app and iBeacon technology to connect six bars around Paris, each offering a special Rémy Martin Cognac cocktail. Upon entering a bar, and being geo-located by the iBeacons, the app would again release a range of bonus content within the app about the cocktail, including bartender’s notes, images and the ingredients list.

The Rémy Martin app is not only a great example of how our knowledge of beacon technology can be rolled out to live exhibitions and in multiple locations, but was also a great test of close proximity iBeacon placement too.


Within the exhibition, many of concepts were in close proximity to each other. Putting all we know about iBeacons to the test, fine-tuning of beacons setting and app triggers, we successfully created an unique and seamless user experience. By accurately configuring the range for each beacon we were able to ensure a clean transition between the beacon-triggered actions.

So what have we learnt from this? Besides the fact that we’ve now become masters at configuring the ranging of beacons, the Rémy Martin project has confirmed our hypothesis: that our iBeacons enabled apps are the ultimate solution for displaying interactive and detailed content in a small area.