Insights in foot traffic helps making business decisions

Location tracking

Have you always wanted a way of tracking foot traffic trends? Offline retailers often envy webshop owners for their easy-to-use online analytic tools and detailed information about every click their customers take.

With the use of iBeacon technology, it is possible to accurately map customer flows and keep track of the them as they progress through your business.

The LabWerk platform

Now you have the opportunity to analyze your foot traffic, and even control crowds, with LabWerk’s all-in-one platform and the use of real-time data to ensure your business is operating at maximum efficiency.

Suitable for businesses of any size, from small boutiques to busy malls and large scale events, the LabWerk platform can be tailored to suit your business needs and provide you with the analytics you desire.


Analyse anonymous customer behavior



Control the flow of your customers


Heat map

Create a heat map of your visitors


Business decisions

Insights in foot traffic help to make business decisions

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