Accurate and energy efficient

(Indoor) navigation

Travelling will never be the same again. You walk into an airport with just your luggage and an e-ticket stored on your mobile device. As you walk through the doors, you get a notification directing you straight to your check-in counter. You continue on through customs and another notification shows you your boarding time and navigates you to your gate. It’s your own personal guide in your pocket and couldn’t be easier – no more looking for directions, no more getting lost.

The LabWerk platform

The all-in-one platform, created by LabWerk, gives you the opportunity to offer your customers the benefits of indoor navigation. Through the use of affordable iBeacon technology you will be able to make sure that your customers can find their way to you and find what they are looking for once they’re there.

Everyone from grocery stores to retail shops, and even large airports, can start using iBeacon technology now. With the use of the LabWerk platform you can offer a range of indoor navigation options to your customers, designed specifically to suit your business needs.

Works indoor

Unlike GPS-based navigation, iBeacon technology works inside buildings



iBeacon technology is more accurate than GPS


Energy efficient

GPS use drains the power of your device very quickly, Bluetooth Low Energy doesn’t


Level detection

Beacon-driven positioning can even detect which level of a building you are on

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