Personalised and interactive content
published with ease to your target group.

Hyperlocal content

Have you ever visited a museum and had to stand in line to read about a painting? Or maybe taken an audio tour, but couldn’t find the art work the guide was talking about?
iBeacon technology makes these problems a thing of the past. When approaching an art work your device will be able to show you a description of the painting, videos about the artist, related art works, information about the art movement, and more… The possibilities are endless.

Businesses will also be able to revolutionize their advertising and communication, being able to engage with their audiences with personalized and interactive advertisements where it matters most. And the best part? Customers won’t need to scan a code to access this content – it’s delivered straight to their device.

The LabWerk platform

LabWerk have created an all-in-one platform which gives you the opportunity to start offering hyperlocal content and micro-notifications right now. The LabWerk platform enables a unique user experience, delivering personalized content based on context, location and time resulting in increased sales, customer loyalty and engagement.

No matter the size of your business, from independent retailer to large events, iBeacon technology, together with the LabWerk platform, is an affordable solution for you to deliver content to your customers.

Personalized and interactive

Personalized and interactive content published with ease to your target audience


Location based advertising

Context aware notifications make your messages stronger


Customer experience

Enable a complete new customer experience without having to spend a lot on hardware


Customer engagement

Improve customer service and customer engagement

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