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iBeacons for indoor positioning

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21-2-2014 | John Grundy (@_IOHN)

Beacon technology has been hailed as the next big think for location-based content delivery. We completely agree, but we also see their potential for doing much more than that. Finally, with the help of iBeacons, we have a long-awaited solution for indoor positioning. Here are some use cases of how we see it working:

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More uses for iBeacon technology

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10-2-2014 | John Grundy (@_IOHN)

Anyone who’s been following the development of iBeacon technology will no doubt have an appreciation for the range of potential uses. You’ve no doubt read a lot about the benefits of Bluetooth LE beacons for retail and museums (if you haven’t, check out what we’re working on with Tulpenland) – but there are plenty more use cases where we see iBeacon technology having a leading role:

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European exclusive: First theme park iBeacon app in the Netherlands

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23-1-2014 | John Grundy (@_IOHN)

Theme park Fluwel’s Tulpenland has announced the creation of an app which will use iBeacon technology. Users of the app will receive extra information on their mobile device based on their location within the park. This is the first time this technology will be used in a European theme park. The technology is being developed by Dutch agency LabWerk. Read More