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Tulip theme park tells its story with Estimote Beacons

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6-4-2013 | Estimote

It’s not only retail, museums and conferences, that started adapting Estimote Beacons. You’ve probably heard that tulips are one of the symbols of the Netherlands. But did you know that those colorful beauties are so popular there, that they even have a theme park dedicated to them? Tulpenland, as it’s called, is also really big on innovation.  Read More


How iBeacons could change the world forever

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7-1-2014 | Washington Post| Matt MCFarland

Apps such as Google Maps and FourSquare have long used location data to try to improve the average person’s mobile experience. But that could be just the tip of the location iceberg as Bluetooth’s latest technology revolutionizes how people interact with everyday objects and places.
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