We are LabWerk

Creating innovative applications

LabWerk is an Amsterdam based start-up creating innovative applications using iBeacon technology. Our platform connects the on- and off-line worlds, enabling businesses to communicate with their customers when they are on-site and in real time. Our all-in-one app is suitable for independent businesses, museums, festivals, amusement parks, airports… pretty much anyone who wants to offer their visitors a uniquely personalized experience.


"Here we are in 2014, and one of the most exciting things going on in consumer technology is Bluetooth. Indeed, times have changed. This isn’t the maddening, battery-leeching, why-won’t-it-stay-paired protocol of yore. Today we have Bluetooth Low Energy which solves many of the technology’s perennial problems with new protocols for ambient, continuous, low-power connectivity. It’s quickly becoming big deal."

− Kyle Vanhemert, Wired

"I think this is going to be huge and of course we will think of smart ways to use this technology."

− Jürgen Alker, Swipe

"Digital wallets and mobile payment solutions are now a dime a dozen, but hardly anyone uses them in place of credit cards or old-fashioned cash. That could soon change with a little help from of an old, familiar technology: Bluetooth"

− Adrian Covert, CNN

We are creators. We are innovators. We are LabWerk.

We at LabWerk are always creating new ideas with iBeacons.

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