November 2014 - LabWerk


The Rémy Martin app

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21-2-2014 | John Grundy (@_IOHN)

A classic brand like Rémy Martin fits so well in one of the world’s most classic locations, Paris. So it’s only fair that some of the latest design concepts are accompanied by one of the latest innovations in marketing and communication technology, iBeacons.
Recently we partnered with French Cognac brand, Rémy Martin, to release a new app as part of their pop-up exhibition Futur Héritage by Rémy Martin as part of Paris Design Week. Read More


The Russian Art world

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First it was Europe, then the UK, and now we’ve got our eyes set on Russia.

After seeing huge potential in the Russian market, we’ve sought the expertise of two local Art History majors. Since September our two Russian representatives, Kristina and Anna, have been busy introducing our mApp product to the market they know best. Read More